Family, Friends, and Fun. If you’ve met or talked to us, you’ve heard these buzzwords before.

Fish Sh!t was launched into the market based on two of our founders, Dave and Tommy, meeting through a mutual friend. Dave and Tommy’s good friend Kyle was living with Muscular Dystrophy and Dave and Tommy were always getting together with Kyle to not only support him, but also to have a good time. Unfortunately MD overtook Kyle, but the lasting friendship Dave and Tommy built would become the foundation for the launch of Fish Sh!t into the marketplace. Tommy and Dave made a pact to keep Kyle’s memory alive and the Fish in our logo is named after Kyle. Dave created Fish Sh!t and Tommy hit the road to make a name for the product. Every time we see our logo and every time we hear from customers, it is a constant reminder to all of us that Kyle was our inspiration and he continues to live on through our company’s presence and product.

As Fish Sh!t started to gain some traction in the market, Tommy reached out to his friend Tom, who invested in the company and also brought his friend, Joe, into the company as a partner to run the commercial efforts with Tommy, while Dave continued to refine and produce Fish Sh!t. Tommy and Joe have traveled the country over the last four years spreading the gospel, meeting new friends and having a blast while doing it. Joe’s two sons work as sales reps for the company and Tommy’s niece works in the office. Recently, Joe brought in his friend of over 40 years, Benny, to help continue to expand the footprint of Fish Sh!t based on the strong foundation that was established by Dave, Tommy and Joe.

Whether partners in business, or partners in crime out on the road and across the country, the Fish Head Farms Crew is always looking to meet more friends, have more fun, and educate folks on Fish Sh!t. We look forward to having fun with the friends we have made, meeting more friends along the way, and bringing Fish Sh!t to everyone who grows anything. If it grows, it just grows better with Fish Sh!t.

Ain’t no other Sh!t Like It!


After over 15 years as a high school biology and chemistry teacher, Dave went out on his own to create, produce and market Fish Sh!t. Dave’s experience in aquaculture and organic farming led to him creating our unique product that provides billions of beneficial bacteria per dose and is OMRI certified, 100% organic, and crafted at our farm by Dave and his team, and never in a lab.


“Benny” comes to Fish Head Farms after a long career building and leading teams and organizations in the BioPharma industry. Benny has been involved in the cannabis market for many years and is part owner of a grow and dispensary in Maine. Benny has extensive experience in licensing, mergers and acquisitions, raising capitol, and commercial operations, and is a life long friend of Joe Blanchard’s.


Joe has had a successful career leading commercial teams in both consumer goods & business to business transactions. Joe’s two sons, Mitch & Kyle, both work for Joe as part of the team that sells and promotes Fish Sh!t to our customer base. Joe has established Fish Head Farms as a preferred vendor of choice for many hydro stores across the country. Joe’s mantra of “Family, Friends and Fun” isn’t just a saying, it is a code that he lives by on a daily basis.


Tommy was one of the first medical caregivers in RI. Tommy got his license to grow cannabis for his friend, Kyle, who was suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. Tommy’s love for his friend grew into a love of growing and eventually also owning his own Hydro Store. Tommy’s deep knowledge and understanding of the science and technical aspects of growing cannabis is a true asset not only to Fish Head Farms, but also to our customers around the world.